Capalaba Kindergarten

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision for reconciliation is to create an environment that invites and supports families and children to connect on Quandamooka Country.

A place where everyone feels welcome, safe and supported.

Through respect for the natural environment we are supporting the integral connection between the land and the Indigenous Peoples of Australia.

History of Capalaba Kindergarten

The history of our kindergarten dates back fifty years when it was first established on the leased property of the Polish Ex-Servicemen. Since then, the service has been family owned and operated, with three different owners over the years.

As the original early childhood service for the Capalaba area, we have a long-standing tradition of providing high-quality education and care to generations of local families.


At Capalaba Kindergarten we strongly believe that children have the right to a play based education and follow our mission statement “Nature is at the Heart of the Curriculum”. 

We believe that adopting a predictable, yet flexible routine provides a calm rhythm to our day and maximises each child’s opportunity to learn. 

The children can access indoor and outdoor spaces that link to their unique interests and strengths. To ensure that we capture the children’s interests and learning experiences we utilise floor book and visual documentation. This demonstrates to the children that we value their ideas and believe that they are each competent and capable learners, with a “voice” that should be heard. 

The children can access and revisit this documentation, allowing us to co-construct meaning and build on their strengths.

Thornlands forest kindergarten
Brisbane 3 year old Kindy

Due to our small service size and sessional groupings, we are able to support children and their families to develop strong, secure relationships. Promoting trust and a sense of belonging means that our small, consistent team of educators form strong connections with each child. 

These connections are further nurtured through our implementation of 3a (Abecedarian Approach Australia). We see self-regulation as an important skill for children to develop, integral to lifelong learning, and we help children to develop this skill. 

We work in partnership with our families to ensure that transitions between home and Kindy are as smooth as possible. We believe that an inclusive environment provides opportunities to learn together and from one another.

Our knowledge of child development and our belief that children need active engagement within social and physical contexts has seen us embrace a nature inspired environment and loose parts play, as we continue to work towards a sustainable future. 

We believe our connection to country improves each child’s wellbeing and creates an awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and histories. 

At Capalaba Kindy we strive to continue to provide a culturally safe, welcoming environment for all families.

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Our large indoor/outdoor play spaces create opportunities for children to interact in individual, small and large group experiences. 

Space to move and opportunities to engage in adventurous play means the children develop strong social and emotional intelligence.